Are rain water tanks worth it?

It all adds up. At a minimum, the collected rainwater can be used to water the garden and wash the car. If a licensed plumber installs your tank, they can also connect it to supply your toilet and washing machine. Then the water savings (and money) will really start to add up, as garden watering and flushing toilets have been estimated to account for up to half of the water we spend.

By reducing your water consumption, you may even qualify for reimbursement for some tips. Typically, operating a wastewater network and a treatment system costs more than forming a crystal clear water network. Annual water consumption costs can be easily calculated from your water bill and can be used to determine how much water cost you will save each year. You can use the water to shower longer, water your garden however you want, and not have to use a bucket to wash your car.

And for some, the cost of water is relatively cheap, so they may prefer to have more additional space for other purposes (not having a rainwater tank) and spend less time maintaining their home. As stated earlier in this chain, the tank may be a stormwater holding tank and required by the Council as part of a development consent. Basically, all you'll need to consider is the space you have or the location of the intended water storage tank, the rainfall in your area, the size of your roof (or catchment area in commercial terms) and your water usage, or how much you expect to use the collected water. When it doesn't rain for weeks, it's expensive to use tap water to keep vegetables and plants in the garden alive.

Tanks full of water can weigh a ton and you don't want the tank to tip or move, as it can be very dangerous. If you're a business owner and water comes at a significant cost, especially for industrial companies, installing a rainwater tank could help protect you from these increases. I don't use it much just once in a while to water plants and it's not currently connected to my main water.

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