Can you drink water from a rain water tank?

Although rare, several children in rural Queensland recently died from this parasite following exposure to untreated water. So, making sure your water supply is properly chlorinated, whether it's used for drinking, washing, or in your garden, will provide security against harmful contaminants in your water supply. A properly maintained rainwater tank can provide good quality drinking water. Occasionally there are cases of contaminated rainwater sickness.

In urban areas, public water supply remains the most reliable source of drinking water for the community. In these areas, NSW Health supports the use of rainwater tanks for non-alcohol use. NSW Health recommends that people use the public water supply for drinking and cooking because it is filtered, disinfected and usually fluoridated. The answer is yes and no.

In its purest form, rainwater is certainly cleaner than treated water, since it is free of chemicals that can be added as part of your state's water treatment program. But that doesn't necessarily make it safe to drink it, especially from your rainwater tank. Many experts say that untreated rainwater may not be safe for human consumption, even though national guidelines suggest that the risk of getting sick from drinking rainwater is low. Rainwater in rural areas is usually safe to drink, unless it has been contaminated or improperly stored.

Talk to your water tank supplier to identify materials on your roof that could contaminate rainwater. While sludge is usually not harmful, it can cause problems if it enters the water column of your tank, where it can be pumped from the tank. So filter water to remove metals, but if your roof has received a lot of ash from nearby fires, it might be worth taking a water test to make sure poisonous metals don't get through. A useful short-term solution to stopping mosquito reproduction is to add 1 ½ cup of food-grade liquid paraffin oil (in large tanks of more than 10,000 liters) to the water.

If your rainwater tank is made of materials that are safe for use in contact with drinking water, and your rainwater collection system is maintained, then there is no reason why water quality is not of a consumable standard. National Poly Industries manufactures polyethylene water tanks that meet Australian standards AS2070 and AS4020, ensuring water is safe for drinking. The lease should also clarify if there are other tanks on the property that may contain non-potable (non-potable) water. Showering, flushing toilets, and watering gardens with rainwater help conserve city water supplies.

Tank Shop sells a self-cleaning system for tanks, and many who install it notice a much fresher tasting water with no odor, while others are happy to see the water in their toilets change from a little color to being very clear. A cross-linked drinking water supply system (scheme water) is the safest and most reliable source of drinking water in urban areas of Western Australia. Drill water should not be used for drinking, bathing, watering edible plants, preparing food, or cooking, unless it has been properly tested and treated to make it suitable for its intended use. Following these simple tips and tricks on careful water collection and storage will help ensure that the water in your property's water tanks is safe to drink and fit for its intended use.

While you can turn on the faucet for about a minute to avoid copper particles, and rainwater from a properly maintained tank is generally safe to drink, installing good filtration in faucets where the water will be consumed seems to me to be a smart safety measure. Tank Shop is an Australian family business dedicated to selling high quality water tanks, pumps and rain collection products from trusted brands and suppliers committed to excellence. Water tanks are common on most rural and semi-rural properties in Australia, where thanks to lower air pollution, the water trapped in these roofs is usually safe to drink, however, it is still important to ensure that the water is free of pollutants. .


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