Is rain water the purest form of water?

Rainwater is considered to be the purest form of water. Impurities and salts present in the earth's water are left behind during vaporization by the sun. However, the rainwater we receive on earth is not necessarily pure, since it reduces impurities and particles present in the atmosphere along with it. Water is an excellent solvent and rain always contains dissolved gases from the atmosphere.

Hear some of the brightest names in science and technology talk about the ideas and advances that shape our world. The purest source of natural water is rainwater. Rainwater comes directly from water condensation in the presence of the sun. Water evaporates from lakes, rivers and seas.

All impurities are removed during the vaporization process and then fall directly to the ground in the form of rain. Rainwater can be used in laboratories due to the absence of ions in it. If so, the rain in a coal mining area will be “Coal Rain”, and the rain in the industrial complex should be “Chemical Rain”. In addition, it gives rise to all water problems, such as lack of water, flooding, water pollution and excessive use of energy.

Since Korea's water facilities are quite nice, muddy water is managed and supplied to us despite its large amount of more than one million to ten million times of yellow powder. However, the problem of lack of knowledge about water is not limited to our country because water management has only been processed by experts in several countries. Tap water - Water pipe - Filtration plant - Water intake system - The river or lake - Valley water - Rainwater. Although they may have tried to improve water quality through rainwater management, water quality has not improved despite trillions of investment over several years and, therefore, they blame rainwater for water pollution.

However, since drinking water is supplied to people after water treatment, there is a huge gap between air pollution and water pollution. In chemistry, pure water refers to an organic water solution that is free of dissolved salts or gases. As bottled water goes through a “purification process,” people assume that it is the safest form of drinking water. All contaminants are removed during the vaporization stage and water in the form of rain falls directly to the ground.

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