What rain water does to the body?

Rainwater has the same pH as distilled water, so it helps neutralize blood pH levels and promotes stomach functions. Rainwater is known to be very beneficial for skin and hair health. The alkaline pH of rainwater helps maintain skin's natural elasticity and moisture, while helping to maintain healthy hair. The alkaline pH of rainwater helps the body in general, as it has a general detoxifying effect and promotes healthy digestion processes.

Every day we absorb free radicals and various toxins that create acidity in our blood. This acidic blood prevents our body from working optimally, but by drinking rainwater, the pH of the blood becomes more alkaline. This allows many functions of the body to be performed in a more efficient manner. Collecting and using rainwater can be a great way to conserve resources.

Some people use rainwater to water plants, clean, bathe, or drink. However, it is important that the stormwater system is properly maintained and that the water quality is adequate for its intended use. Well, as a graduate in science, I know that rainwater has pollutants and it's not safe to drink it. May be contaminated with germs that can cause serious stomach infections.

In addition, it can also be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, emitted by industries as pollutants. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Management, rainwater is not suitable for drinking because it contains microbes. The water sample was collected through the rain collection system. The results were analyzed after monitoring the data for 1.5 years and it was concluded that the quality of rainwater in which coliforms and Escherichia coli (E.

coli) was not suitable for drinking. Rainwater, like alkaline water, helps neutralize the pH of the blood in our body. Toxins and free radicals will lower the pH of the blood and make it slightly acidic. Consuming rainwater or alkaline water will neutralize the pH, making our body system work more efficiently.

Not only does the company need to build extraction and pumping equipment to get water out of the ground, but once this is done, the water they extract can have a devastating effect on the local water table. Washing hair with rainwater helps remove dirt more effectively, as rainwater works well with shampoo and soap. For example, in Africa or Asia, where people collect water for bathing from brackish wells or rivers, they also collect rainwater in different containers for drinking and cooking. Consider adding a grate to the water inlet or emptying the rain barrel at least every 10 days to prevent mosquitoes from using the rain barrel as a breeding ground.

Pregnant women should not drink rainwater, except when it is already boiled or when they use a very good water filter. According to traditional Indian medicine, it is advisable to drink 2-3 tablespoons of rainwater on an empty stomach every morning. Research was conducted in Australia that showed that rainwater is safe to drink, provided it is collected in clean containers and filtered properly. Companies that leverage municipal water for their bottled water products don't usually make much change to that water and often only act as bottlers.

With rainwater harvesting, all that is needed is a sufficient amount of flat roof, storm water and some collection tanks. This means that no pressure needs to be exerted in places or regions where rainfall may be a scarcer commodity and water tables have a more delicate balance. .

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